Stimulate your sales process. Run high velocity sales

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Get real time inventory, book and close deals, build your sales pipeline, plan with accuracy and much more..

Zero double booking

Zero double booking

Live inventory details

Give real time inventory access to your sales team. Empower them with accurate details to have a concrete conversation with their prospects on their unit preference, unit availability (blocked/sold out/available)

Zero lead favoritism

Create automated workflows to assign leads to agents based on skillset or a criteria. Avoid lead favoritism

Multiple projects, towers, unit details – all in one place

Get granular details of the unit

Let your sales team have a detailed unit plan with floor details, wing, area sqft, direction, unit type etc. with each unit configuration details including wood finish, wall, fittings, flooring, security etc.

Get all near by details of the project

Let your sales team have a detailed project plan with brochures, amenities, facilities, nearby places leading to a confident discussion with their prospects about your projects

All in one place
Cost sheet, discounts, offers & payment slabs

Cost sheet, discounts, offers & payment slabs

Create cost sheet on available offers

Sync all your available offers and discounts with your sales process for real time access. Empower your sales team to generate instant cost sheets with 100% accurate calculations

Get clear payment slabs for each booking

Let your sales team book properties seamlessly. Get payment slabs from booking till possession with all details

Payment Integration for digital bookings

Multiple Payment integration options

Move away from the hassle of traditional payment methods and encourage your customers to go digital on payments. Select from a plethora of digital payment methods for seamless bookings.

Tracking of payments with an ease

Analyze from past trends on the most preferred payment methods of your customers. Expand on more facilities for building more convenience on the payment methods

Payment Integration for digital bookings
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