Lead favoritism,
Lead leakage

Automated lead distribution

Automated lead distribution

Zero lead leakage

Capture leads from all sources and ensure there is absolutely no lead leakage.

Zero lead favoritism

Create automated workflows to assign leads to agents based on skillset or a criteria. Avoid lead favoritism.

Schedule site visits,
send automated reminders

Plan and schedule site visits

Empower your presales agents to plan and schedule future site visits with your leads. Update all activities, appointments, notes, attachments, follow ups for each lead so that no lead information is missed.

Send reminders for site visit confirmation

Send automated reminders from the platform to your leads and get confirmation. Store your lead’s preference of call timings and set your automation workflow. Elevate your lead’s buying experience.

Schedule site vists, send automated reminders
Set up your task board, notes and follow up

Set up your task board, notes and follow up


Let your team create their individual task boards and plan their work schedule. Keep a tab on tasks that are completed, in progress and those that are past due dates

Follow up notes

Let them record notes, attachments, and follow ups. Add various notes regarding any leads for other internal teams to understand any anomalies or preference, thus tracking your customer’s full buying journey

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